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Strengthening the Singing Muscles with Weights

Singing, like any sport, requires physical training. The mechanics of singing rely on air being inhaled with the diaphragm, and exhaled using the abdominal and lower pelvic muscles.

In Jane's hour-long lesson, you will strengthen the abdominal muscles required to sing. Scuba weights, varying from 20-70 lbs., are worn around the waist, while the student practices a variety of challenging vocal scales. Lessons cover proper breathing technique, increasing vocal power, expanding range, and grounding the body. A variety of visualization, relaxation, and acting techniques are also employed. Chest voice, head voice, mix, and falsetto are exercised, with an emphasis on muscular support and development.

Lessons are weekly, 60 minutes long, and take place in Oakland, California. While experience is not necessary, a serious commitment and love of singing are required.

For more information please contact Jane.

Student Testimonials

I had heard you sing on stage, and I'd been meaning to take lessons from you, so when I had this last minute audition I really wanted to be prepared for, I called… Thanks so much Jane! I was relaxed and confident during my audition, and I got the job!" - Elise Langer, Student

"Jane Chen is an accomplished singer and excellent voice instructor. She treats students with respect, patience and encouragement. Jane not only teaches a student how to sing, but also to hear." - Gwendolynne Barr, Student