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The Chinese Clown Cabaret soundtrack CDThe Chinese Clown Cabaret Soundtrack was created in 2005, from March to May. It was recorded at Eerie St. Studio, engineered and mixed by Stephen Duffy, with artwork by Caroline Park, and photography by Derek Chung and Jay Jao.

The soundtrack contains original songs from the 2004 show along with new songs from 2005. It features Jane Chen on vocals, guitar, toy electric guitar, ukulele, drum, lamb shaker, recorder, accordion, and toy xylophone, and Tair Chen on backup vocals, toy xylophone, moo’ing, and baaah’ing. Have a listen!

Music Samples
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Track 5 – Rodeo Show Play
Track 7 – Dead Lamb Play mp3
Track 8 – Another Lamb Song (Itchy Lamb) play mp3
Track 10 – Spanish Song Extended play mp3
Track 12 – Woa de Jia play mp3

Complete Track Listing

  1. Intro {ukulele instrumental}
  2. When the Saints Go Marching In
  3. Gary
  4. The Cow
  5. Rodeo Show
  6. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  7. Dead Lamb
  8. Another Lamb Song {Itchy Lamb}
  9. Spanish Song
  10. Spanish Song Extended
  11. La Mamma Morta
  12. My Home {Woa De Jia}

Ordering Information

The Chinese Clown Cabaret Soundtrack costs $13.50 USD, including shipping and handling. Pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

The Chinese Clown Cabaret Soundtrack
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All Rights Reserved.