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The Chinese Clown Cabaret School Assembly

"In an age when children are often entertained by videos, the Chinese Clown Cabaret allows children to appreciate the true artistry of performance.”
   - Helen Campbell, Head, Grand Lake Montessori School

The Chinese Clown Cabaret uses music and comedy to delight, entertain, and teach. Comedy opens up pathways for important developmental issues to be addressed -- in this case, parent-child relations, and the introduction of classical arts into the lives of children today.

The mother-daughter relationship is what Jane Chen and her mother, Tair are exploring in this highly comical musical clown show. Jane, a professional actor with a degree in theater from Yale University, cast her mother as co-star in the four-time award winning show that has toured the U.S. and beyond.

The Chinese Clown Cabaret School Assembly is:

  • An all-ages show geared toward children aged 4-12, as well as teachers, parents, and the young-at-heart.
  • Based in the theatrical traditions of European clowning and physical comedy (Jacques LeCoq, Charlie Chaplin).
  • An introduction to eclectic musical styles, including Chinese folk and classical opera.
  • A multilingual show, with songs in Spanish, Italian, Chinese and English.
  • An exceptional model of Parent and Child in partnership.

In their original play, Jane goes wild with musical instruments (as many as ten!) while her mother introduces them in Mandarin. Mom plays the MC but secretly wants to be the star. So she gets “involved” in Jane’s acts. A mother rockin’ out to Janis Joplin? A mother enacting a cow? A mother playing Jane on a date??? (What the… is what Jane’s thinking.) And audience members can’t help but relate to the wonderful, endearing, yet mortifying things that parents do to show their unconditional love. At the end of the show, Jane delivers a breathtaking operatic aria in dedication to her mother.

"Nowadays kids don't even want to talk to their parents… Having worked with Jane these past few years, I feel close to her, much closer to her."
   - Tair Chen

The Chinese Clown Cabaret is now accepting bookings for school assemblies, school family nights, and community programs. Book early to reserve your time slot of choice!

Physical comedy workshop and Q/A sessions are available to supplement the child’s learning experience.

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